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About us

Whitetail Asia is a Singapore-headquartered growth debt investment firm that partners founder-led growth businesses during the capital-intensive revenue acceleration phase.


Through flexible loan structures, we lower refinancing and principal-amortization stress to help founders/early investors lower cost-of-capital and minimize dilution.


We seek to build a strong relationship to upsize and follow-on till exit or IPO.

Whitetail Asia is a financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Investment Approach


Sector-agnostic,  focused on industries with strong growth tailwinds



Southeast Asia, India



Post-revenue and post-product growth phase 


Structured asset based lending

Financing specific or pool of assets

Use of Proceeds

Fintech Loan Receivables
B2B / B2C loans

Working Capital
Inventory buildup, trade receivables

Real Assets
Expansionary capex

Acquisitions / Roll Ups

Equipment Leasing

Shareholder Liquidity

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